Han Lee

b. 1973 | South Korea | Based in New York


Han Lee is a versatile designerand new media artist. For over 20 years, he worked for CJ, Samsung, Fi New York, Sigient, allm Interactive as a senior designer and creative director, and also, worked with LG, Hyundai, Scholastic, Time Warner Cable, Nintendo America, Google, Tencent. He has received international recognition for his designs and has won some of the most prestigious awards in the interactive design industry, such as the Webby Awards​. Also, some of the works he created were featured in many books and media including the TASCHEN book. He has given his thoughts to the world by having many lectures, interviews, contributions, and as a jury.

As a new media artist, he performed and exhibited his artwork in various locations across the world such as New York City, Seoul, Jeju Island, Gwangju, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jerusalem, Haifa. His artwork used to include ‘Light’ and ‘Time’ with an immersive delightful experience that the audience can dive into his artwork emotionally.

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